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Year: 2010
Country: USA
Director: Rob Williams
Starring: Matthew Montgomery, Steve Callahan, David Pevsner, Brian Nolan, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Jim J. Bullock
Synopsis: Two men, one a recently-outed soap opera actor and the other a gay marriage rights advocate, meet at a Palm Springs resort both hiding secrets.
Quick review: Role/Play offers little that is new and follows a pretty obvious path. Two gay men both going through turmoil in their lives meet. Initially, they don't like each other. Then they fall for one another. Then, problems ensue. The film is dialogue heavy, and for most of it there are just two men offering their commentaries on modern gay life. What makes this film a bit different, is the two leads are actually married. And that does add to the appeal. Graham is a soap opera actor who is hiding out after a sex tape scandal broke. Trey is a gay rights advocate who has been fighting for marriage equality. When his marriage starts to break up, he also becomes stuck in a scandal. Off to Palm Springs where they meet, fight, fall in love and then face their secrets. How you feel about the film will probably be influenced by your feelings on their commentary. (Gay media quit covering gays, and now they're dying; why do gay men tend to stick to their own instead of going outside their groups?). The reactions when both men find out the other secrets are what put me off, since both are way too extreme for the offense.


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